Tanya Brassie UI/UX Designer
Hullabaloo Responsive Site
Role: Design & Development
The final Hullabaloo Books site in its desktop and mobile forms.


Hullabaloo Books is a small bookstore located in Crown Heights. Over the summer, I designed and developed (HTML/CSS) this small, one page, responsive site for them. Because this is the bookstore’s first site and they wanted to keep it simple, the objectives for project were also pretty simple: to alert patrons of open and closing times (as these often change) and display the week’s community classes. Before the site was complete, community classes were posted on ThinkOlio.com, or on a flyer outside of Hullabaloo. The new site pulls in information from Thinkoilio by making a server request to Thinkolio.com. The data is then mapped to the Hullabaloo Books HTML and the events appear on the Hullabaloo page (taadaa!)

In terms of design aesthetic, I wanted the site to have a playful yet bold attitude (a la the Hullabaloo logo) and be snappy fast on mobile devices, while still visually striking. This was an especially fun responsive site to code as the design’s geometric shapes allow for some wiggle room regarding how things should behave across screens. Below is an alternate design that wasn't used.

Design Idea 2 - Not used:

An alternate layout that wasn't used.