Tanya Brassie UI/UX Designer
PCLN Extras
Role: Designer


Below are some print works I've made for the Priceline office. Since I work mostly in the digital realm, seeing a design come to life in the physical world gives me a unique sense of satisfaction. I also believe that offices have become too focused on digital communication--most information whether it be person to person or company-wide, takes place via e-mail. Through all the clutter, it can be hard to get a message across. This was especially true for our monthly GUTS speaker series, so to encourage participation and increase awareness, I decided to design and hang posters around the office. So far, it seems to working; GUTS attendance and requests to present have both increased. (Woot!)

Another area which could be enriched with print work is our intern program. Currently, we have around 30 interns each summer. Interns are given generic onboarding materials in addition to a lot of hyperlinks to various bits of information. Looking back on my days as an intern, I can recall how difficult it was to locate the information I needed. Having this information in one place--sort of like a guidebook!--would have been useful.

Building on the idea of a guidebook, I've started to plan out an intern package. The travel themed package will contain a luggage tag telling interns where to go, an intern guidebook, an itinerary and boarding pass (containing perhaps tickets to exchange for various goodies). This would be given to interns on their first day in a bag resembling a suitcase. Since this is a side-project, and something I've only been working on in my free time, only portions of the package have been completed. The aesthetic resembles 1960s mod airline, but still uses Priceline brand colors.

GUTS talk poster

GUTS Content Request Poster

Intern Guidebook

UX Department Zine

How it Works Infographic