Tanya Brassie UI/UX Designer
Imaginary Interfaces
Role: Design, Development, Illustration


Creating interfaces is a blast, but creating imaginary interfaces is especially exciting. The following screenshots are from make-believe projects that I thought would be fun to bring to life. Aside from being fun, creating this imaginary web-world is a great way to play around with more creative UI elements and explore new color palettes and layouts that I often don’t get a chance to in my other work.

While most of these stay in mock-up form, some are partially coded (one day I'll finish them!), and provide useful CSS practice with animations and creative responsive design.

Sop & Sop Mop Co. - Sop & Sop Mops, the Top Mops since 1922.

Turtle Cap Mobile Homes!

Presenting the turtle cap mobile home ordering form! This site allows you to customize your mobile home and order it (but not really). The WIP site uses jQuery to change elements of the SVG illustrations.

Lisa Simpson Running App

What would UI look like if we were living in a cartoon world? Maybe like this running app? The folks at Fusetools decided to bring the app to life for one of their coding examples.

Mood Detection Series

Can you answer these correctly?

Save our Snakessss...

Save our Snakes is an imaginary non-profit which focuses on the well-being of snakes in Prospect Park.